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About me
Hi, my name is Renyou Yu but you can call me Aego. I'm a student at University of Washington in Seattle since 2018. However, because of my entrepreneurial career during these years, I'm still not sure about my graduation date at the moment.

During the past years, my primary focus was social networking and I studied sociology at UW. But my focus has shifted to Web3 now, since I've realized that the cryptoeconomics can definitely change our world, even though it may take some time.

Beside the role of an entrepreneur and product manager, I'm also a proficient full-stack software developer with years of experiences in coding for my startups and other leading tech companies, including Bytedance, iQIYI and so on.
Currently working on
  • A new type of crypto Token that helps all contributors earn from the value gain of their composable creations.
  • A modern JSON-based music format and its ecosystem, including a newbie-friendly online music production studio running in browsers.
Previous Projects
  • Topos, a real-life-event-driven social networking app invested by ZhenFund. It allows users to create activities and invite other users to join. We have developed a recommendation system to match users with suitable activities. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the complicated regulations in China, we'll not continue betting on the product.
  • Realm (领域 in Chinese), a hobby-driven social networking app invested by Ringle.AI. Was launched in 2018 and then shutdown in 2020 due to the intensive market competitions in China.
  • Fintern, an internship finding platform for young students with no experiences. Was launched in 2018 and shutdown after a year due to the unsuitable business model.
  • Dig Learn, a camera solver (searcher) for all kinds of high-school-level problems. Launched in 2016 and then shutdown in early 2018 since our team failed to resolve the potential copyright issues.